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2017 Punta Gorda Christmas Tree Lighting

2017 Punta Gorda Christmas Tree Lighting

| March 02, 2018

Every year, Punta Gorda puts on an amazing FREE Christmas Tree Lighting event for our community and visitors from all over. This year was one for the books with an outdoor Christmas Concert put on by Deep Creek Community Church. You could meet Santa, there were activities for kids, food trucks, a Christmas three village, and of course, the beautiful lighting of the downtown Christmas tree.

None of this was possible without the support of the local businesses sponsoring the event. Not only did we sponsor a house for the Christmas tree village, but we helped make the houses from scratch. After Hurricane Irma, many of the local contractors, who were originally going to make the houses, were busy helping people rebuild and get their lives back to normal, and they didn't have the time to work on the houses.

As a team, Presley Beane worked to get the houses built and sent off to be painted. What a privilege it was to have a house set up next to other supportive businesses during the busy holiday season.