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Thanksgiving in Atlanta - 2018

Thanksgiving in Atlanta - 2018

| May 06, 2019

We had a change of scenery this past Thanksgiving as we spent the holiday in Atlanta. Samara started cheer leading and her team was traveling for competitions, so we decided to travel with her, as well as visit extended family in Atlanta.  

We stayed at Brian's beautiful new house in Marietta. The weather was perfect and the colors of the changing leaves and trees were breathtaking. 

We spent our time hanging out with the kids playing inside, in the hot tub, and on long nature walks. The Roswell Riverwalk was our favorite path, as we walked along on a boardwalk through the dried out banks of the river. There were a lot of ducks on the river and lots of rowers rowing by. Exploring the riverwalk was so much fun, as you could take different routes, and explore art and more all along the way.

We also spent lots of time peeling Halo oranges for Colmore, as he just DEVOURED them. John was the best orange peeler and just peeled away for our little boy, sometimes falling behind with the quick eater. Honestly, I'm not sure who enjoyed it more... John watching and laughing at how quickly Colmore would suck down the orange and stick his hand out for more, or Colmore, who probably could have kept eating til the oranges were gone or the rest of us watching the cuteness unfold.

This was the first time in a long time that we didn't prepare the Thanksgiving feast, because we were joining our in-laws. Rebecca's family, who all live in Atlanta, invited us to join them for the festivities. It was nice to kick back and enjoy the holiday catching up with everyone and spending time with all the kids.

After Thanksgiving, we all went to help pick out trees for Brian and Rebecca and the rest of her family. The kids had so much fun picking out the trees. 

We enjoyed every moment of our visit and can't wait to get back up there for another stay! 

Enjoy the pictures... we sure did!! 

Roswell Riverwalk Rowers