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March Staff Stories

March Staff Stories

| May 03, 2023

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John Beane

An American Bald Eagle sitting on a power pole near our home. A pair of Eagles have taken over an osprey nesting pole near the golf course. They have a fledgling in the nest that was seen flying over the 5th hole. Really fun seeing these great birds thriving in town.

Cynthia Beane

The things we do for love… I mean… The things I do for John!! The sign said, ‘Pick your Poison’. To say there were some stressful moments on a couple of trails at Jeepin with Judd would be an understatement for me. All of that aside, we had the best weekend with family and friends at Jeepin. The day we leave, we begin planning for next year’s adventure.

Garrett Atkinson

“Oh, what did I get myself into?” Garrett has been a regular in the local strongman circuit for a few years but took a break to do a “masters” (older athletes) CrossFit competition this month. He’s rather proud of finishing and not finishing last, although it was touch-and-go there for a time.

Jennifer Beane

We wrapped up February with another amazing weekend at Jeepin’ with Judd. Not only did we all get to camp out with good friends and family, but we got to do some off-roading in our jeeps! It’s a 3-day event with 10 trails and an obstacle course - rated stock friendly, moderate, and advanced. We got a good amount of trails in each day. While on the trails, we were surrounded by nature, and as we were on a ranch, we saw lots of cattle and gators, but my most favorite sighting were the wild horses that run free. The last day, we got ourselves in a predicament and Garrett had to pull us out with his Jeep while a wench helped us up at the same time. It was a good bit of problem solving to get up and over the obstacle, but that is all part of the fun of the event, using the tow ropes.